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Top 5 Singlewide Homes of the Pandemic

Pandemic Spurs Home Buying Frenzy

The Coronavirus Pandemic has spurred an emotional run on home buying unlike any other time in history. With most aspects of daily life suddenly confined to inside the home, the need for more space, a better looking home, and the desire to move into a rural area, folks began home shopping at record pace. Over the last year, this has been further fueled by historically low interest rates. While a high demand in housing has also fueled higher and higher home prices due to a shortage of building materials, it isn’t stopping buyers. So far, we don’t seem to have hit peak pricing for building materials like lumber, drywall, insulation, PVC, steel, hardware, plumbing fixtures, and even paint according to The Bureau of Labor Statistics. The cost of building materials continues to climb with no end in sight.

So, if you’re searching online for “new homes”, “mobile homes for sale”, or “modular homes” – you’ve come to the right place. Oak Creek Homes has been building manufactured and modular homes for over 50 years. We are a great choice for first-time homebuyers, starting families, those looking for extra rental income, and anyone who can no longer afford an onsite-built home because of pandemic driven higher home prices. Oak Creek Homes builds affordable heavy homes with quality materials that are less per square foot than a conventional onsite-built home. We also offer more floorplan selections than an onsite builder. Oak Creek Homes has over 100+ floorplans to chose from. We have homes for every style, taste, and budget.

Top-Selling Singlewide Oak Creek Homes

We thought we’d share our customers’ top 5 singlewide home picks during the pandemic to help spark some inspiration. So, start daydreaming!

1. Silver Spur 331

Say “Hi-Yo Silver” to our customers top pick for a singlewide home – The Silver Spur 331. This family-friendly home has been a fan favorite for quite some time. It’s easy to see why. This 3 bedroom, 2 bath, 1178 square foot home comes packed with standard high-end features. This singlewide manufactured home features transom windows for plenty of natural light. It also has tons of wood cabinets, a designated pantry, built-in entertainment center, utility room, and huge soaking tub.

See the Silver Spur 331 floorplan, more pictures, and its starting pricing here. Step inside and take a video tour with Jon Hitt with Oak Creek Homes in Bryan, Texas.

The Silver Spur is so popular it’s spurred an entire home line. We’ve recently added two additional floorplans: The Silver Spur 358 and Silver Spur 363. Indulge. Learn more about the Silver Spur Home Line here.

2. Park Place 302

park place 302 mobile home

You don’t have to roll the dice and fork out a lot of cash to buy our version of Park Place! Oak Creek Homes Park Place 302 takes the number two spot for top-selling singlewides. This budget-friendly mobile home offers a great open concept 2 bedroom floor plan. It’s perfect home for first-time home buyers or for sharing with someone else. There’s plenty of privacy with a bedroom and bath on each side of the home. It also features a dedicated laundry room. See more pictures, the floorplan, and starting pricing here. Take a video tour with Will Garrison with Oak Creek Homes in Bryan, Texas.

3. Gold Spur 5616

Gold Spur 5616 singlewide mobile home

Saddle up and say “yee-haw” to all the high-end standard features you need with this singlewide top-seller! The Gold Spur 5616 is similar to our number one top-seller, the Silver Spur. This 3 bedroom, 2 bath home features transom windows, plenty of wood cabinets, a pantry, a separate laundry room, and a built-in entertainment center great for movie nights. This home’s difference? The Gold Spur 5616 also features wood ceiling beams and tape and textured walls throughout the entire home. This Gold Spur can not only be built as a manufactured home but a modular home as well. See more pictures, the floorplan, and starting pricing here. Spur further inspiration with a video tour with Tracy Garza with Oak Creek Homes in Tyler, Texas.

4. Opal 5663

Opal 5663 singlewide mobile home

Coming in at number four on our list of popular singlewide homes during the pandemic – The Opal 5663. This gem of a home is perfect for first-time home buyers or even a family looking to downsize. With 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, and 1178 square feet, you’ll find that there is plenty of room for living. A tall bank of windows allows plenty of natural light, plus a great view of your land. Top-notch features include a spa-like primary bathroom with a large shower and soaking tub, and walk-in closets will have you wanting to call this place home. The Opal 5663 can also be built as a modular home. See more pictures, starting pricing, and the floorplan here. Go on a video tour with Jon Hitt with Oak Creek Homes in Bryan, Texas and you’ll see just how much this gem of a home really sparkles!

5. Nexus Aries 9166

nexus aries 9166 singlewide mobile home

The Nexus Aries 9166 comes in at number five on the list. This 3 bed, 2 bath manufactured home is a great choice for first-time homebuyers or for a family on a tight budget. This split floorplan offers every feature you needs: plenty of cabinets, a double kitchen sink, GE Appliances, durable laminate flooring, and lots of electrical outlets for all your gadgets. There’s privacy too! The secondary rooms are located on one end of the house, the primary bedroom on the other. The Aries is part of our Nexus Series of budget-friendly homes designed to be built strong, but not break the bank. See more pictures, starting pricing, and the floorplan for the Nexus Aries 9166 here.

That rounds out our Top 5 Singlewide Homes sold during the pandemic over the last year. If you’re looking for something bigger, like a doublewide manufactured or modular home, check out all your floorplan choices here.

The Oak Creek Difference

Oak Creek Homes are builtstrong. We use 33% more lumber than what HUD code requires. We also build our homes with more wood than our competitors. See why the proof is in the pounds. This keeps you and your family safer in the event of a tornado or storm. Don’t take our word for it. Listen to what one of our customers, who’s an engineer, has to say:

We have two manufacturing plants in Texas. Right now, if you order a new Oak Creek Home it will take on average about three months to receive. Many of our competitors are experiencing a 10-month backlog on orders. Now is the time to buy before prices rise further and interest rates are still low.

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You can buy any of our top-selling singlewide homes at your nearest Oak Creek Home Center. We deliver to Texas, Oklahoma, Louisiana, and parts of New Mexico. Manufactured home builder Oak Creek Homes has been building manufactured houses and modular homes for over 50 years.


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  1. How do you purchase a modular or manufactured home? Is this home already in a community or do you have to have land to put this home on?

    1. You would need land to put this home on land or it could be placed in a community. Our Oak Creek Sales Team can help with financing and finding land.

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