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Oak Creek Homes

Are Oak Creek Homes available throughout the United States?

Sorry, but Oak Creek Homes are only available in Texas, Oklahoma, and Louisiana.

Can I tour the factory to see how Oak Creek’s are built?

Yes!  We’d love to have you!  Feel free to schedule a tour at any of our three production facilities. Please click here to start the process.

Does Oak Creek build modular homes and what is the difference between modular and manufactured homes?

Yes, and the differences between the two are explained here.

How much does an Oak Creek Home cost?

Depending on the size, floor plans and features, a new home can cost anywhere from $73,000 to more than $250,000. This doesn’t include the land or improvements.

What other costs can I expect to pay?

While your mortgage payment may be your biggest expense, you’ll have other regular and periodic payments. They may include utilities, property taxes, land rental fees, insurance, routine maintenance, and other service fees such as water and sewer.
Today’s manufactured homes are built to meet new national energy standards set by HUD. The energy conserving features found in manufactured homes help reduce your monthly energy costs.

What types of financing are available for Oak Creek Homes?

FHA, VA, conventional, land-in-lieu and chattel loans are available through Oak Creek’s lending partners.  In addition, a home-buyer is welcome to provide their financing.

How long does it take to purchase an Oak Creek Home?

The buying process varies greatly by the home being purchased and the choice of lending used to finance it.  A manufactured home purchased with cash can be placed on a customer’s property in a matter of days, while a home being financed with land and needing improvements can take 3 months or more.  Municipal requirements can also play a part in determining the length of time to completion.

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