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Our homes are built utilizing approved construction techniques. The standards to which we build and service our homes can be seen in display models at our retail sales centers. We intend to provide the best possible response and quality service. During the first twelve months of home ownership, your retailer will respond to concerns relating to the installation of the home, including stairs, skirting, air conditioners and other features added to your home during installation. Also, during this same first twelve months of your home ownership, the manufacturer is responsible for providing service covered by your manufacturer’s one-year factory warranty.

Any service request in the first year must be in writing. It can also not be overstressed that the factory will be best positioned to diagnose and solve any problem if the service request is accompanied by digital photographs sent via email. With regards to home construction, staples are commonly used during construction. Small holes or indentions may be visible in wall panels, molding, or cabinets. These items are not defects, as they are considered normal construction techniques. If factory adjustments are required or if your home arrives with defects relating to finish or appearance; you have one opportunity to request this service during your factory finish walk-through. It is important to note that while the factory warranty covers substantial defects in materials or workmanship, coverage does not include furniture, window treatments or blinds. Items subject to daily wear and tear such as floor coverings, cabinets, trim, sinks, tubs, showers, faucets, doors, and wall coverings are not covered by warranty concerning finish or appearance. At Closing, your retailer will give you a Satisfaction Checklist, which is located in the Owner’s Packet. Complete the Satisfaction Checklist in the home during your walkthrough with your factory finish representative. Your checklist will be addressed and you will be asked to sign off on all cosmetic work completed prior to move in.

We take emergencies very seriously. If you experience a water leak that may cause immediate damage to your home: Shut off the water supply and call your retailer immediately. If you experience an electrical problem during your warranty period, and are sure there is power to the home; check the panel box and make sure the breakers are in the proper position. Second, check each GFI receptacle – is the reset button depressed? If after checking the above items, the problem is not corrected, turn off the suspect breaker and contact your retailer. If your retailer cannot be reached, contact your factory service center. We most often respond to emergencies within 24 hours. The appliances in your home are initially covered by their own warranties. If you experience a problem with your furnace, range, refrigerator, dishwasher, or water heater (particularly during the first 12 months of home ownership); please contact the appliance manufacturer directly.

Service Contacts

Contact the model home center where you purchased your home for items related to the installation of your home. (Blocking, tie downs, leveling, grading, decks, steps) You can find the list of all of our company stores HERE.

Contact the Oak Creek Homes Manufacturing Center at your where your home was built for defects in your home:
o Lancaster, Texas 800-967-9260
o Fort Worth, Texas 888-625-2735
Information on our 7-Year Home Guard can be found HERE.