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Oak Creek Homes

Based on statistical data available from the NADA Manufactured Housing Appraisal Guide, Oak Creek homes have the highest appraisal value among any manufacturer models reviewed in our Texas/Oklahoma regional research. NADA has been gathering model values for 40 years for over 750 manufacturers and is recognized by Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac as well as all industry lenders. The Manufactured Housing Appraisal guide is updated three times a year and includes average home values.

Oak Creek Homes are listed under American Homestar, its parent company.


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To simplify the charts, graphs, and representations in this section, a liberal use of averaging was applied to pricing and market values as these subjects may apply to products built and sold by various manufacturers..



Charts, graphs, and representations reflected on sales literature pages in this section were generated from what is believed to be fairly “common knowledge” in the manufactured housing industry as to pricing. (Some confirmation of pricing is generally available directly from retailers, retail sales representatives and, more particularly, from shopping customers.) There is no claim being made that pricing information used in this literature represents any particular degree of accuracy.


Market Values

Shoppers are strongly encouraged to do their own independent research as to pricing and market values. For pricing one may simply get quotes from sellers. For market values it is suggested that one may want to access a publication which deals with manufactured housing values.