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Oak Creek Homes is the largest retailer of Smart Cottage homes. We carry the full line of homes at the best prices. We started with a Tiny Home idea and realized there was a need for a bigger, better way. The more conversations we had with our friends and business partners the more we saw the need for a small footprint, but comfortable, luxurious home with more than 399 square feet. The idea caught on like wildfire and the result is the Smart Cottage. Basically, we added 200 – 300 square feet of space and class to a Tiny Home idea and created a very livable and usable space that you will love to call home.

Smart Cottages are a great choice for a lake property, downsizing, a backyard guest or parents’ house, a farmhouse, or millennial modern home. Smart Cottages come in many sizes and floor plans. Just like the majority of our homes, they can be customized and finished just the way you want them.

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