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Oak Creek Homes
Our Exclusive Quality Care

Begins with the foundation of your new home.

The proper foundation, strong and level, is key to providing you years of low maintenance on your new home.

It seems elementary, but making sure your home is place on the proper foundation and installed correctly is extremely important. Often this step in making your home ready for move-in is not given the attention it deserves. Not so with your new Oak Creek home. Our Quality Care program, available at participating home centers on all multi-section and 18′ wide homes, guarantees the appropriate foundation is used for your home and is installed to meet all state and federal government guidelines.

Quality Care program

Built on a strong foundation.

Quality Care begins with a foundation designed and inspected by a licensed engineering firm. They ensure your home and its foundation are secure and level. This can save you thousands of dollars in upkeep and repairs by avoiding door frames and walls being out of alignment, or problems caused by excessive settling.

47 Point Inspection

Quality Care also includes a 47-Point inspection.

With Oak Creek, we ensure that our homes are installed to our specifications by paying a 3rd-party engineering firm to perform a full 47-point inspection. Furthermore, our contractors aren’t paid until we receive an inspection approval.  That way our service issues are minimized and you, the customer, have less to worry about over the life of your home.

A home that is not installed to the manufacturer’s specifications is doomed to have service problems indefinitely, and they usually only come to light after the manufacturer’s warranty period is over.

*Inspection program not applicable to single section homes less than 18′ and a small number of other models.