Manufactured home and modular home construction takes place indoors with state-of-the-art technology. The controlled factory environment means that building materials are never exposed to the elements during construction like those of site-built houses and it ensures precision in every element that goes into each of our homes. Even the amenities – from brand-name bathroom fixtures and appliances to carpet – are inspected to ensure they live up to our strict quality standards

Heavier Homes

Every manufacturer will try to make the case that they put more into their homes. Don’t take their word for it. A “Manufacturer’s Certificate of Origin” is a government document that certifies, in addition to other key characteristics, the all-important weight of HUD-code homes. Oak Creek homes, foot for foot, weigh substantially more than the average manufactured home. Why? Because more goes in to it, from the frame to the roof. You get more for your dollar when you buy an Oak Creek home.

Superior Building Materials

An Oak Creek Home is built with superior materials, from higher grades of lumber to name brand components, no corner is cut in the production process. That’s why Oak Creek’s are considered the luxury choice in today’s manufactured housing industry. Don’t settle for less.

Modular Factory Tour Video


Oak Creek’s Fort Worth production facility builds some of the highest quality, most luxurious homes in the country. This video details the many approaches Oak Creek Fort Worth takes to accomplish this.



"Built Like A Tank" Frame


The foundation of building the strongest home in the industry starts with constructing the strongest frame system.

  • Custom Engineered On-site Construction
  • We Use 100% American Steel
  • Heavy duty “C” Channel Cross Members
  • Interlocking Frame Outrigger System
  • Welded Lag Clips
  • High Grade Corrosion Resistant Coating