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Oak Creek Homes
Oak Creek Homes partners with NOAA

Oak Creek Homes has been delivering the American Dream of homeownership for over 50-years. Our manufactured and modular homes are builtstrong and heavy to keep you and your family safe during severe weather. We are proud to work with NOAA and other partners to make our country better prepared for extreme weather. Events like heat waves, freezes, heavy rain, tornadoes, hurricanes, and floods can be dangerous, but they usually do not last long. Oak Creek homes are known for durability, providing a safe place to live that can withstand tough weather conditions.

Oak Creek Homes partners with NOAA

15 Reasons an Oak Creek home is weather-ready

  1. BuiltStrong: Our homes are built in a controlled factory environment to shield the materials from bad weather. The exterior walls are stronger and sturdier, with studs 16″ apart.
  2. Heavy: Our homes weigh more than our competitors. Combined with steel, and other quality materials, our homes are sturdy and capable of withstanding extreme weather.
  3. Upgraded Thermal Zone: Most of our homes have higher thermal insulation than required by regulations.
  4. Wind Zone Availability: We can build manufactured homes for different wind zones to ensure they can withstand high winds from 80 up to 110 mph. Our modular designs can be built to withstand up to 140 mph. 
  5. Wind Straps: Metal straps secure the frame and structure, making them resistant to strong winds.
  6. 47-Point Inspection: We have a third-party engineering firm inspect homes 18′ or wider to ensure correct installation, preventing rolling or sliding during high winds.
  7. Smart Panel Siding: Our homes use durable hardboard siding, which is stronger and more resistant to weather than vinyl siding.
  8. Thermal Pane Windows: High-performance windows help regulate temperature and prevent sunlight from damaging carpets, draperies, and furnishings.
  9. Marriage Line Gasket: Our homes are properly sealed to prevent mold and mildew damage from high humidity.
  10. Increased Insulation: Better insulation helps maintain steady temperatures, uses less energy (up to 15% less), and decreases air leaks by 25%.
  11. Programmable Thermostat: Setting your preferred temperature and forgetting about it is useful when leaving during extreme weather.
  12. Upflow Air Vents: This design helps cool the home faster during hot weather.
  13. PEX Pipes: Durable PEX plumbing withstands freezing conditions to -40°F and prevents leaks or water contamination.
  14. Trex® Decking: Long-lasting composite decking that requires minimal maintenance and resists rot and fading.
  15. 7-Year Home Guard: Most homes come with our comprehensive protection covering 30 different items in your new home.
Oak Creek Homes partners with NOAA

Weight and construction matter

The weight and construction of a home are crucial, especially in severe weather. Oak Creek homes have high resale value because of their exceptional quality and durability, according to NADA Valuation Guides. These homes are designed to withstand extreme weather, keeping you and your family safe. But don’t just take our word for it – listen to customers whose homes have successfully withstood tornadoes and hurricanes.

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If you have questions about how our homes are built or if you’re ready to tour an Oak Creek home, don’t hesitate to reach out to us.

Oak Creek Homes offers over 100 floorplans to choose from, catering to different styles, tastes, and budgets. We deliver to Texas, Oklahoma, Louisiana, and parts of New Mexico. With over 50 years of experience, Oak Creek Homes is an experienced builder in the industry.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: We do NOT suggest or advocate staying in your home during a storm with high winds, heavy rains, or flooding. On the contrary, we strongly advise our customers to stay aware of the risks associated with any weather event and follow the guidance and instructions given by local authorities to ensure their safety.