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Hurricane Harvey, making landfall as a category 4 storm, dealt significant damage to the Texas coastal town of Rockport. Most of the town’s residents suffered severely from its high winds and brutal storm surge.  A handful of those who escaped with little damage had something in common: They lived in Oak Creek Homes.

Oak Creek visited Rockport and the surrounding communities immediately after the storm to study how well our construction endured a Category 4 hurricane.  Many of the homeowners shared their stories and allowed Oak Creek to document their experience with photographs, interviews and aerial drone video.  Many said they were expecting the worst when they returned from evacuating, but were ecstatic to find their home virtually unscathed by Harvey. Only one of the homes in this presentation was actually destroyed, and that customer’s story might be the most amazing of all…

House 1 - Customer Story

Mr. Story is a real estate developer who undertook considerable research before choosing Oak Creek.  The house took a direct hit from the storm but withstood its wrath while many nearby houses were destroyed.  Mr. Story has stated he would buy other Oak Creeks when he develops real estate in the future.

House 2 - Customer Head

Mr. & Mrs. Head own a small RV/trailer park in Rockport that contains two Oak Creek houses, one of which they live in.  When they evacuated they didn’t expect to return to anything given the severity of the storm.  They were pleasantly surprised instead to find each of their Oak Creek houses in near-perfect condition.  The rest of the houses and RV’s in the park were destroyed or badly damaged.

House 3 - Customer Head

The Head family’s second Oak Creek survived the storm largely intact, though they did incur some damage to their roof.  It had been attached to a porch that had been installed after purchase.   Remember, never attach porches or carports to your home.  They should be free-standing and support their own weight to prevent wind damage such as this.

House 4 - Customer Rodriguez

The Rodriguez family live in Sinton, TX which experienced some of the strongest wind that the storm had to offer.  His home had almost no damage, save for some skirting damage due to flying debris.  “I’m very satisfied with how the house weathered the storm…almost no damage done”, said Mr. Rodriguez, who followed by saying, “I would certainly purchase another Oak Creek Home.”  Keep in mind that this picture was taken after the storm.

House 5 - Customer Rowe

This is a modular home that was delivered just two days before the storm.  The installation was incomplete due to the forced evacuation of the installation crew – the house wasn’t even tied down.  Unbelievably, it didn’t move an inch despite Harvey’s best attempts to relocate it inland.  Note the competitor’s home next door; it shifted nearly 40 feet and is almost perpendicular to the baby-blue Oak Creek.  #HeavyHomes!

House 7 - Customer Newsom

Mr. & Mrs. Newsome purchased this modular home about three years ago from our dealership in Corpus Christi.   After the winds, storm surges, and everything else that Harvey brought, they had this to say: “We really did expect to come home to much worse.  All of our possessions were safe and we are very happy with it.  Absolutely, I would buy another Oak Creek Home.”

House 8 - Customer Cooper

Mr. Cooper evacuated the area when Harvey was upgraded to a Category 3.  Retreating to Austin for the weekend, his daughter returned before him to report on the state of his home.  When she saw her father’s house, she was happy to report that it was still standing and that the only visible damage was to his carport.

House 9 - Customer Nguyen

This home was near downtown Rockport in the direct path of Harvey’s worst winds. Even so, it sustained only minor roof damage.

House 10 - Customer Trinh

This home was right next to that of the Nguyen family and its story is the same – massive winds, rain, and the full force of Harvey was unable to break it.  “We are extremely happy that our homes not only survived the storm, but also had no damage.”

House 11 - Customer Janosky

When we spoke with Ms. Janasky, she had a simple statement that summed up the strength of an Oak Creek Home: “The house had no damage at all, other than a broken window that was caused by flying debris, so the house held up great!”

House 12 - Customer Hrdlicka

While the porch had heavy damage, Mrs. Hrdlicka’s home in still in great condition.  She was very happy that her home was still there and needed minimal repair.

House 13 - Customer Rehr

IMPORTANT NOTICE:  While the above stories and pictures accurately portray the outcomes as to several of our homes (and customers), they may not be indicative of the outcomes of others in this particular storm or in any other storm.  Further, we are NOT suggesting or advocating that remaining in an Oak Creek Home during a storm with high winds and/or heavy rains and/or flooding is advisable.  To the contrary, we urge our customers to be vigilant as to the risks inherent in any weather event, and act accordingly, consistent with the advice and instructions of local authorities.

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