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Get A Heavy Home...Only At Oak Creek!

Heavy homes

The Proof Is In The Pounds!

When you buy a manufactured home, you want one that retains it’s value well. And year after year, Oak Creek Homes have a higher resale value than the competition.

So the question is: Why What makes Oak Creek Homes hold their value so well?

The Proof Is In The Pounds!
Oak Creek builds a stronger, sturdier home, and you can tell because they are SO HEAVY!

Weight matters

An Oak Creek Home is built like a tank making it way heavier than other homes.

And when the N.A.D.A. establishes home values every few months…WEIGHT MATTERS!

Oak Creek’s method of building rock-solid homes makes for heavy-weight values down the road.

Does a rock-solid home mean lower energy bills, too?
YOU BET! Oak Creek Homeowners realize savings of up to 32%

That’s HEAVY Value!

Need a quality home? Remember, the proof is in the pounds! Get a #HeavyHome…only at Oak Creek!

When you buy a heavy home, your home is built with:

  • More Steel

  • More Lumber

  • More Materials than the average home!

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