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A Family Sheltering Inside an Oak Creek Home During a Tornado is Unharmed

A Family Member Shares What Happened

The Value of a Third-Party Inspection

On April 22, 2020, the Chouinard family of Onalaska, TX survived an F3 tornado in their Oak Creek Home.  Over 300 homes in the area were damaged, and 170 were completely destroyed. The home’s performance owes much to the 47-point inspection done after the home was installed on site. That inspection ensured that the installation crew did everything right, and pictures were sent to management to prove it.

Some of the more important items on the inspection checklist have to do with the home’s footings and strappings.  When done correctly, these ensure the home stays in place in high winds.  Because the home has taped and textured wall, and is heavier that most homes, the Chouinards also elected to have a concrete footing system installed as well.  This added to the home’s stability, and gave those tie-down anchors a solid place to hold on to in the high winds of the storm.

Just How Strong was the Tornado?

It was a strong tornado – stronger than we normally experience in this region. But just how rare was it? The statistics may surprise you. According to the National Weather Service Office for Houston/Galveston, southeast Texas has only recorded six EF-3 tornadoes since 1992. That’s less than once every five years! Most of the tornadoes that develop in this part of the state are relatively weak EF-0 or EF-1 tornadoes. Since 1992, more than 500 of these smaller tornadoes have touched down here.

With Oak Creek, we ensure that our homes are installed to our specifications by paying a 3rd-party engineering firm to perform a full 47-point inspection. Furthermore, our contractors aren’t paid until we receive an inspection approval.  That way our service issues are minimized and you, the customer, have less to worry about over the life of your home. A home that is not installed to the manufacturer’s specifications is doomed to have service problems indefinitely, and they usually only come to light after the manufacturer’s warranty period is over. More importantly, the inspection will ensure your best chances of surviving a serious storm if one should come to pass.  The Chouinards were happy they were in a home that was built right, and we are too!  You can ask for a copy of the inspection checklist when you come to visit us at Oak Creek Homes.

Customer Review

“I can say an Oak Creek is very durable! Had one in Canton, TX, that survived a direct hit from an F3 tornado. I was amazed it was still standing!”Curtis Clardy

If you’d like to see our homes in person or through a virtual visit, don’t hesitate to contact us. Our sales team would be happy to help you!

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