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Silver Spur Rodeos with Hurricane Delta and Wins!

Customer Story: Katina Daigle

Katina Daigle bought our top-selling model, the Silver Spur, after Hurricane Laura destroyed her first home in August of 2020. Katina lives on a rural piece of land in Eunice, LA. She said she bought an Oak Creek Home to replace her previous one after doing some research online and visiting our Oak Creek Homes Center in Lake Charles. She said our quality construction and design made the difference. Once she saw the models on the lot, she said she fell in love.

Katina’s new manufactured home was barely three weeks old when she learned that Hurricane Delta was on the way. She wondered how her new home would do? In the video above, in her own words, and with pictures she graciously shared with us, Katina shares her emotional journey and gratitude for purchasing an Oak Creek Home.


Picture Gallery

(pictures courtesy of Katina Daigle)

Katina’s new Oak Creek Home, The Silver Spur 331, was delivered in mid-September of 2020. She snapped the moment and shared her excitement with us. “It’s beautiful. I love it. I love it!”

Katina installed a metal carport just before Hurricane Delta hit on October 9, 2020.

Here’s how Katina’s home looked after Hurricane Delta. Her Oak Creek Home was NOT damaged! Her carport was not so lucky. It was destroyed and had to be removed.

The Oak Creek Homes Difference

Oak Creek homes are builtstrong. We also use hurricane/wind straps, pieces of metal, we secure to the structure and frame of our homes. This makes the home more resistant to high winds (such as those in hurricanes). This helps keep the home from uplifting, sliding, and overturning. In addition, all 18′ singlewides and all doublewide manufactured homes receive a 47-point inspection system. This ensures that the home is installed securely and correctly. Oak Creek Homes builds the heaviest home with the highest resale value in the industry. See why the proof is in the pounds here.

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Manufactured Home Builder Oak Creek Homes has been building heavy homes for over 50 years! We have 18 Oak Creek Home Centers across Texas, Oklahoma, and Louisiana. Click here to see over 100+ model homes we offer. Our homes are built strong out of our two plants in Texas. One in Lancaster. The other in Ft. Worth.


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