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Oak Creek Homes

Our journey with Oak Creek took 4 years, due to circumstances beyond our control. We are so fortunate that this was a positive journey because of the quality service delivered by Oak Creek! Through it all we were treated like family. It didn’t matter how many times we would come to look and talk, tehn leave for months, and return to begin again. Brenda Ping, friendly and helpful, was always there wanting to make sure that we knew exactly what we were getting. We were always treated like family, NOT like the “Thing That Wouldn’t Leave.” There I was with my measuring tape and note pad every time we showed up and no one ever groaned or ran when they saw us coming yet again!

We love our home and are so happy we decided to go with Oak Creek. We feel lucky that Brenda was there for us through every step of our journey. We still drop in to visit anytime we pass by.