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Oak Creek Homes

When looking for a manufactured home, you need not look any farther than Oak Creek in Tulsa. They offer a variety of homes and there is something for everyone. I selected the Opal Model, a 3 bedroom two bath home. The layout is perfect for a young family and what made it even more special was all the appliances are new and the master bathroom looks like it was right out of a magazine. Not only do you get a stellar home, but you can bet your bottom dollar that you will get stellar professional support from their staff. They were always responsive to all my questions and they are some of the most gracious people I’ve dealt with in business. Professional, great value for your money. You cannot go wrong by purchasing an Oak Creek Home. Ask for Tom, my salesman, a super great guy! And Rhonda on the business end knows her stuff and can help you find support staff to get that great home up and running.