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Website Pricing and Specifications

At Oak Creek Homes we don’t play games with our pricing. We feel our pricing is realistic and not a low ball bait and switch opportunity. While we have made every attempt to give you a good starting price for our homes, we can’t foresee every situation or circumstance. If you contact any one of our Oak Creek Homes retailers they can assist you in determining the complete price based on your exact needs and specifications.

Our advertised online “Starting at” pricing includes:

  • Properly sized HVAC – Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning Unit
  • Footer Blocking
  • Tie-down requirements per code
  • Final third-party 47 point inspection to assure your Home, Site, Installation and Foundation meets or exceeds ALL State/Local and National Codes (Inspection program not applicable to single section homes less than 18′  and a small number of other models.)

*”Starting at” pricing information applies to all homes except our Acorn Series Homes, which includes the Santa Fe 269, Silverado 2348, and Corral 2354.

Every customer’s situation is unique, and prices will change based on selected options, features, delivery, installation requirements, wind and/or thermal zone rating requirements, and many other factors. We strive to keep the “Starting at” prices updated and reflective of actual home sales. As most of these prices can vary greatly depending on geographic location, please contact your local Oak Creek Homes retailer for the actual price of the home selected and if any special offers are available.

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All homes represented on this website are only representations and actual home may vary. Homes shown may have optional features or obsolete materials represented. Due to Oak Creek Homes continuous product improvement process, there may be differences to specifications, materials, features, floorplans, dimensions, and other factors. Please confirm with your Oak Creek Homes retailer with the availability of anything represented here.

When it comes to the purchase of your new Oak Creek Home, we want you to achieve the dream of homeownership. We want you to feel like a part of the Oak Creek family. Our hope is that you can find a home that fits your needs and budget. It is important to us that you learn about the Oak Creek Difference and learn about the many factors that make our homes the best in the industry. We truly feel it is a labor of love to be able to build your family our best home.

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