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“Wherever a door is closed to anyone because of a disability, we must work to open it. Wherever any job or home, or means of transportation is unfairly denied because of a disability, we must work to change it. Wherever any barrier stands between you and the full rights and dignity of citizenship, we must work to remove it, in the name of simply decency and simple justice.”

-President George W. Bush

Mobility Home

Many of our homes can be modified to accommodate special needs. Wide door openings, hand rails, grab bars, and easy access showers ore among the many features we can install to make your home safe and comfortable.

We can also work with you to alter the design of many of our models to fit your specific needs. Of course, you can expect all of the materials, finishes, fixtures, and appliances in your new home to meet the high-quality standards found in all Oak Creek homes. Oak Creek can also work with you to ensure your homesite is properly prepared for the installation of your home. Once installed, Oak Creek has the experience to add the necessary exterior features to make your home easy and safe to access and enjoy.

To take advantage of this unique home design, simply choose your favorite floor plan from our vast selection and tell your salesperson that you would like to outfit it with an “ADA Friendly” option package.  It is available to varying degrees on all of our homes.

Single-Section Examples

Multi-Section Examples

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