What’s Up with the Deep Stock Model Discounts?

Oak Creek Clearance Homes

If you’ve seen the list of stock models currently featured on Oak Creek’s website as well as the individual dealer sites (if not, check them out!).  Why are these homes so much cheaper?  Is something wrong with them?  Do they not have the normal warranty?  Well, there’s a lot of reasons to discount stock models, namely that Oak Creek constantly updates its decors, options and floorplans to keep up with popular tastes and styles.  Does this mean that a discounted stock model doesn’t come with the commitment for service that Oak Creek is famous for?  No way!  All stock models come with the same warranties and Home Service Protection (if applicable) that are the hallmarks of our homes.  So why the big discounts?  Because these homes often show the minor wear typical of being used as a model home.  You may see the occasional scratch or carpet wear, but the discounts traded for these shortcoming typically far outweigh the negatives.  Please take a look at our clearance homes by clicking HERE.

Chad Gaston
Corporate Director at American Homestar
I have worked for Oak Creek Homes since 1998.
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2 Responses to “What’s Up with the Deep Stock Model Discounts?”

  1. Looking for home and land. My husband was injured in an oilfield accident. We will be getting our settlement in early January. Need well built home and property in wilson county tx. 4 bd 2 /1/2 bath.open concept. No carpet.wood or laminate floors. We have 8 grandchildren so we need alot of space. We like rustic style homes. WOULD like rap around porch that doesn’t add to living space. Please send pics of what you hv available. No phone calls yet,we r shoppin fr the biggest and best home..will see who wins.

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