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From state-of-the-art construction to brand name appliances, Oak Creek is synonymous with quality.

Quality Construction

Oak Creek modular homes are built in factories with state-of-the-art technology. This ensures precision in every element that goes into each of our homes. The controlled factory environment means that building materials are never exposed to the elements during construction like those of site-built houses. Even the amenities--from brand-name bathroom fixtures and appliances to carpet--are inspected to ensure they live up to our strict quality standards.

At Oak Creek Homes, our quality standards meet or exceed those required by the Industrialized Housing And Buildings Code. In fact, we are so committed to quality, all of our homes are inspected by a third party agent before they can receive the Oak Creek stamp of approval. When you purchase an Oak Creek modular home, you're receiving a home of exceptional quality.

Partners in Quality

Oak Creek modular homes are finished with name-brand products which you've come to trust and may include: GE® appliances, Sherwin Williams® paint, quality Congoleum® flooring, and wear-dated Carriage Carpet protected by DuPont®. Efficient Interterm® heating and cooling equipment control the temperature in our homes. And, every Oak Creek home is built with the best lumber.

Prices, specifications, materials and model inventory may change at any time.